Only a small selection so far - Common Frog, Toad and Lizard.
Tony wasn't quick enough to photograph the Adder that Elisabeth nearly trod on in Ardnamurchan.

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We've managed to capture some of the wide colour variation in this species. The left-hand one above was at Moralee Tarn, near Haydon Bridge, Northumberland, in March 2011, the other in July 2009 in a garden in Hexham. The left-hand one below was near Sanna Point, Ardnamurchan, in April 2011, the other in February 2012 by the Hareshaw Burn, Bellingham, Northumberland.

Elisabeth picked up the one on the left from Hadrian's Wall Path by Cawfield Quarry pool in April 2015. The other we found in May 2009 near Sanna Point, Ardnamurchan. Below are some strings of Toad's eggs, seen in a pool near Achnaha, Ardnamurchan in April 2011.

Our best Lizard photo so far, of one picked up near Achnaha, Ardnamurchan in April 2011.

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